The KiOm
Wearable Sensors for Musical Expression

By Ajay Kapur, Eric Yang & Peter Driessen
University of Victoria's Music Intelligence and Sound Technology Interdisciplinary Center

The KiOm

The KiOm, is wearable sensor technology to control parameters of audio effects for real-time musical signal processing. A Kionix three-axis accelerometer is used to convert the effects of gravity and acceleration to musical signals which an artist can use for composition and performance. Traditional instrument performance techniques are preserved while the system modifies the resulting sound based upon the movements of the performer. 12 KiOmís were created and distributed to various artists who have been experiment using the wearable sensors in a variety of locations on the body (head, hands, feet, etc.) with a number of different traditional instruments (tabla, sitar, drumset, turntables, saxophone, laptops, visual artists, and modern dance).



Kapur, A., Yang, E.L., Tindale, A.R., and P.F. Driessen. "Wearable Sensors for Real-Time Musical Signal Processing," In Proceedings of the IEEE Pacific Rim Conference (PACRIM), Victoria, Canada, August, 2005.

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