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Audio Signal Processing
Electrical and Computer Engineering 484
University of Victoria



Clearihue 215 (Monday & Thursday 10:00 - 11:30)

Course Home Page

The course homepage will be used to post materials covered in class and post pertinent updates. It is the students responsibility to check the website often to stay up to date on class information and to get course assignments.

Topics to be Discussed
Fundamentals: A/D, oversampling converters, jitter, dither, spectral analysis.
Formats: CD, DVD, SACD. Perceptual coding: MP3, AAC.
Sound synthesis: modal, additive, subband vocoder, subtractive, LPC, non-linear, FM, physical modelling, granular.
Spatial audio, surround sound. Noise reduction.
Systems and applications.

- Assignments will be posted on the course website.
- Assignments must be submitted on the due date. No late assignments will be accepted.
- Students must submit all assignments by posting them on their websites. (Email instructors with link to your complete assignments)
- Students must provide screenshots of tools used to complete the assignments.
- All assignments are lengthy!!! It will be difficult to complete them if they are left to the last moment.

Final Project....30%

- Students are responsible for the material on the website and should check it regularly.
- Create and maintain a website on the UVIC Engineering server with links to complete assignments and final project.
- Students are responsible for their work. The instructors will be available to clarify assignments, and give suggestions on how to complete them. You should learn to read manuals for software, contact the appropriate authorities for difficulties with the computers, and use internet sources for tips, problem solving, and advanced concepts not covered in class.
- Students must submit original work. No time or tolerance for cheating!

Course Text

Digital Audio Effects
by Udo Zolzer
(on hold - not required yet)

Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications
by Perry Cook

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